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Top FIFA 2014 Brands And Their Winning Marketing Strategies

Top FIFA 2014 Brands And Their Winning Marketing Strategies

As the epic event of 2014 begins, brands are armed with fresh ideas to connect with 50 percent of this world’s population. As teams grapple to bring home the ‘Cup’, off the field, there is a tussle to win this billion dollar business that is World Cup. Here are our picks of the top brands and their strategies to score big in this monster event.

Interactive Media

Pepsi- Generating what is perhaps the ”coolest” interactive  campaign ever, Pepsi rolled out a flash video as a part of their “Now Is What You Make It” campaign, taking personalization to a whole new level. It is also offering “limited edition “packaging, tapping the aspect most audiences resonate with- sports, music, and art, capturing the spirit of creativity.

Hyundai- Hyundai has been critical to the success of the epic event as the official sponsor. Its interactive campaigns are mastered to connect with the fans via humorous spots like “Because Futbol”, and “Avoidance” offering enhanced excitement via second screen interactions .The campaigns are the first ever to be created by Tumblr artists and adorn the Times Square Billboard.

Social Cause

Coca Cola has taken an artistic route, working with artist Septo to create street art inspired cans. It launched the “Everyone’s Invited” campaign, with short films that endorse futbol and its mission – uniting people. The “Happiness Flag” and “Soccer Ball Donation” are promoting product purchase by doing social good and spreading happiness.

Visa-In terms of branding, Visa did a scintillating job with a thrilling “Restaurant” ad. With a powerful cast of Nobel Laureates in the “United In Rivalry” campaign, the banking titan scored big for uniqueness in an effort to join people of diverse backgrounds and their commonality- Futbol.

Segment Marketing

Gillette -signed Messi as the face of the FIFA2014 celebrating hard work and courage. “Trading Places” shows him and Federer fostering players to support their teams and spread the love of soccer. It has also captured male audience through the launch of Special Edition Razors

Social media and Technology

Nike debuted with “The Last Game” ad that scored over 10.4 million hits on launch. The video featuring top players leads viewers to the Nike app, that “talks futbol 24/7” maximizing the fullest of mobile marketing. Known to focus on emotions, Nike continues to nail it with epic ads and is putting its best retail foot forward through hi-tech gear.

Adidas -has taken the technology route, converting the ball into the largest marketing campaign in sports history. The brand is amassing star power to offer two choices- “All In” or “Nothing”. While “all in” takes you deeper into the FIFA engagement, the latter redirects you to a video so impactful that it makes it impossible to stay away.


The stunningly high-tech World Cup 2014 is expected to make a colossal US$4 Billion from marketing.Today’s consumer expects originality and engaging content and brands are leaving no stone unturned to deliver just that. If you are engaging your futbol loving fans in your campaigns, you are striking a winning goal.

Posted by Kanishtha Gavandi on June 18th, 2014 at 11:49 am