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ZAMPS Field Technical Report Quarter 4 2012

Survey Objectives

The Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (ZAMPS) is a continuous survey commissioned by ZARF to provide information on media habits and consumption patterns. The main objective of the study is to provide comprehensive information to the marketers about the audience for all media, including all the radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, the Internet and the products they use to sustain their livelihoods. In addition there is a host of questions about ownership of motor vehicles durable items, personal details and advertising section.

In the last two years we have seen a grown interest in the results of the survey to an extent that after every presentation of the results the story makes the headlines sprucing up debates especially on the newspaper category/section. Lack of understanding of the ZAMPS objectives and sampling procedure gave birth to most of these debates. After the presentation of the Quarter 3 2012 results the debate got hot and this time it was settled on air through a live broadcast. As an agency we also released a press statement to address the marketers and general public on how the survey is conducted. This field technical report outlines how the study was executed by Research Bureau International hereinafter referred to as Agency in Quarter 4 2012.

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