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Brand Health Check/Tracker

The Brand Health Check is calculated from brand awareness, trail, share of usage and coverage.  Results will assist in answering questions such as, does the current brand positioning meet target customers’ needs?  Is the consumer brand imagery in line with our intended positioning? In addition it aims to update on market movements, brand performance, key competitor activities and ad spending vs. sales.

RBI also uses BHC research to check on the brand equity in terms of awareness and acceptability of brands as well as assess the loyalty of the consumers associated towards the brand and provides guidelines in research & development, skillful advertising in order to maintain & manage brand equity of business.

The brand health check can be carried out as a once off or as a tracker biannual or annually. The key word when conducting a tracker is consistency. The sample, time of study and questionnaire must be consistent wave upon wave to ensure comparability. A lack of consistency in these measures will result in changes in data due to other factors e.g. seasonality which may have nothing to do with the actual brands in the market.