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Brand Kinship

The RBI Brand Kinship model is able to offer both the simple, validated measures of brand equity, as well as the detailed diagnostics driving brand equity. This provides a detailed understanding of brand health within the specified target market.

Before deciding on brand strategy, it is critical to know where the brand is starting from. What sort of relationships the target market currently has with the brand as well as the category in general and how loyal they are towards the brands within the market.

The Brand Kinship pyramid is based on the premise that brands move consumers up the journey of loyalty via stages, from simply being aware of the brand, to being bonded with it.

The pyramid quantifies the proportion of the target market at each stage of the relationship with the brand and is constructed from awareness and attitudinal measures taken for the client in the context of the category and target market definition.


The 5 levels of the pyramid may be defined as follows:-

Presence - Am I aware of the brand?

Relevance - Does it cater for my needs?

Performance -Can it deliver on the basic category requirements?

Advantage - Is it better than others in some way?

Bonding - Nothing else beats it


The consumers who are at the top level of the pyramid – Bonding – not only have a stronger relationship with the brand, but it has been empirically proven that they will also spend a greater proportion of their category expenditure on the brand than those at a lower level.  Therefore, not only would the Brand Kinship pyramid show the overall nature of the brand’s consumer relationship, but it will also show how many loyal bonded people the brand has.